"Kristi is amazing energy... she creates a inviting environment of inquiry allowing the evaluation process to be fluid and enjoyable. My DISC report and Kristi's interpretation were spot on! She helped me reveal personal strategies for growth, hidden strengths, and provided me with a vehicle to create stronger collaborative relationships. My experience with KLR Consulting and the DISC process will be far reaching in growing my business and it will continue to provide me with growth opportunities well into the future."

Janet B. MacAulay, Principal
Chrysalis Consulting Services, LLC


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Employee Development Programs

Employee Engagement

According to Gallup research, approximately 34% of employees are actively engaged in their work. About two-thirds of your employees are dissatisfied and disengaged.

A fully-engaged workforce is vital to your success. This means having employees who understand their role, are willing to take ownership of shared strategic goals, and go the extra mile to accomplish them in their daily work.

We address:

  • Leader awareness & responsibility
  • Motivators, both intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Employee satisfaction - Hint: money isn't the answer
  • Performance management
  • Challenging work
  • And more

We'll give you specific steps you can take to start engaging, and retaining, your valuable talent.

This program will be customized for leaders and managers, or for the employees themselves, based on the culture and needs of your company.

Communication & Relationships

KLR will enhance your team's communication skills with proven practices that help employees build more effective relationships. Our comprehensive program will also develop clear protocols for decision-making that will ease frustration, improve cooperation and make everyone more effective and successful. During the workshop, participants will:

  • Assess and evaluate behavioral traits and triggers
  • Learn when to adapt communication and behavior
  • Enhance performance by building on individual strengths
  • Reduce conflict in the organization
  • Explore proper email etiquette practices

Presentation Skills

Whether you are writing a report, making a sales presentation or delivering a speech, the information must be well-organized and compelling in order to persuade your audience. Our workshop will provide the tools needed to ensure all business communications are delivered with confidence, clarity and conviction. KLR Consulting will teach your organization how the written and spoken word can be used to achieve business objectives.

Please visit our Presenation Skills service listing for a detailed description.

Our comprehensive professional development programs will ensure your leaders and teams develop the skills needed to streamline management decisions, improve business processes and increase productivity throughout your organization.

"I have worked with KLR Consulting for 16 years and have never worked with anyone who has more passion and dedication to organizational excellence and customer satisfaction than Kristi. Her 'real life' operational experiences in the hospitality industry give her consulting skills great dimension."

John Cutter, CEO
Friendly's Ice Cream Corporation

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